MightyInsights Core Values

Active Monitoring of Energy Metering Network

Are all your energy meters operating and sending telemetry data? We evaluate the network to ensure the communication channels are optimally utilized to transmit usage data. We discover availability patterns of meters and proactive diagnosis is taken, if an incident occurs to make communications resilient.

Diagnose & Offer Hypothesis to Remediate Issues

Detects anomalous behavior in grid’s communication environments, identifies and locates it on GIS map, offers potential hypothesis, and triggers signals to notify field workforce to dispatch field operations. It enables agile workforce provisioning, through a pragmatic control over field operations.

End-to-End Metering Observation Solution

One coherent end-to-end service portfolio, ranging from underlying meter rollout, to actively observe and detect anomalous behavior in metering communications, to locate issues on GIS map, to offer Root Cause Hypothesis, to plan optimized work orders, and schedule the field workforce to dispatch the work.

Significant Time and Cost Saving Benefits

Efficient in time and cost savings. It achieves faster Mean Time to Resolution by offering actionable insights to the field workforce. Concerning cost, you provision workforce efficiently, as issues are consolidated by region. Proactive metering observation together with GIS map economize time & cost.

MightyInsights GIS Experience

The grid operator picks the substation and target data concentrator, filters on feeder within MightyInsights platform. The energy meters together with their topology info will be automatically rendered on GIS map. The operator then inspects and ensures the meters telemetry data transmissions and detects the abnormal reading rates.

CARE Method in 4 Phases

Grid Operators can employ our CARE methodology to act upon metering communication dynamics with more certainty.

1. Collect Communication Data

At the data layer, the MightyInsight core retrieves the vital information regarding the grid operations. This ranges from communication data, meter readings rates, device infos, to GIS topology map.

2. Analyze Meter Behavior

At the core, the service learns about the hit/miss patterns of meter readings and ranks substations on performance issues. It then informs the operator with potential root cause hypothesis.

3. Render Field Services

The actionable insights is fed to the scheduler to plan and provision field workforce to dispatch the work. The PLC Analyzer will enable workforce to troubleshooting PLC communications in low-voltage energy meter networks.

4. Evaluate Performance Impact

With the proactive approach in mind, the services continuously correlate the change-impact pair, to ensure if further resolution is required. This contributes to the integrity enhancement of the communication channels.

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